About Me

Regarding the Music and DJing

Scotty V was born in Monterey California. His time in the bay area would be short lived as his family relocated to Camarillo, California when he was only 4 years old. From the age 4 to 18 he would grow in what he considers his home town, all the while spending time all over the state in various cities including, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Growing up Scotty V started dancing at the age of 6 all on his own after being inspired at a young age by Michael Jackson’s famous “Moon Walk”. HE would become an avid self taught street dancer by the age of 13, in the forms of “Popping” and “Breakdancing”. Although it would not be until he was 16 that he shared his talent with his peers. It was his love for dancing and music that has lead him to his music career today. With many years of DJ experience as an open format DJ, a lifetime of open format dancing and a drive to create, Scotty V plans to release an album every two years.